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I specialize in the psychological treatment of Chronic Pain, Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Mood Disturbances (e.g. anxiety, depression), Grief, and Sleep Disorders. More information about the primary therapy approaches I use to treat those conditions can be found here.

Whom do I offer therapy


I offer assessment and treatment for a variety of Childhood Behavioral Concerns such as Attention-Deficit, Anger & Impulse Control, Social Anxiety & Shyness, Performance Anxiety, and Procrastination. In addition, I offer Career Counselling for teenagers (and adults), who are unsure about how to translate their interests into a career or who are anticipating a career change. 


Child behaviors affect the family and so do parenting choices. Therefore, I offer Family Therapy that gives voice to all affected parties and helps negotiate solutions rather than spending valuable time on finding who was at fault. 


Relationships between adults are complex and develop over time. If two adults feel that they have lost connection and wish to find a neutral place to discuss and mediate their differences, I offer a safe environment to verbalize what seems impossible to put into words at home.


Whether a person is too shy to make friends, has difficulties with maintaining friends and partners, or has mental health concerns that are difficult to manage, Group Therapy offers a great opportunity to initiate changes. Groups are a small scale representation of a person’s role in society and in group therapy specifically any real-life struggle quickly appears. Group therapy members will learn how they are perceived by other group members from various backgrounds and will experience how changes in problematic behavior can result in immediate and lasting changes. Please send me an e-mail to be placed on the waitlist for Group Therapy.

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