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My practice follows the fee guidelines determined annually by the Nova Scotia Psychological Association.


Most clients are pleased to discover they have coverage for a psychologist through their Extended Medical plans. Your insurer may ask if the psychologist is registered. I am a Doctoral-level Registered Psychologist (NS#R0903).


Note that any fees not paid by medical insurance are tax-deductible as medical expenses. Fees for private psychological services are not covered by MSI.


I recommend calling your Insurance Company before booking an appointment. Using the information on the insurance card you carry in your wallet, call your company and provide the policy number and your ID number.


Ask your insurer

  • Does my plan cover the services of a Registered Psychologist?

  • How much coverage do I have per year?

  • Is that per calendar year or per 12-month period?

  • Do you cover 100% of the amount or do I have to pay a portion of each visit?

  • Is there a deductible amount, which I have to pay before I qualify for reimbursement?

  • Do I require a physician’s referral to qualify for my insurance coverage?

  • How do I submit my claim for reimbursement?


Almost all insurance companies require that clients pay for services directly and submit their receipts to their insurers for reimbursement. Therefore, I will provide receipts that are suitable for reimbursement by all insurers.  In addition, receipts for services of a psychologist are income-tax-deductible as health-care expenses so please keep your receipts for your tax records.


Fees may be paid with cash, debit cards, VISA or MasterCard. I do not accept personal cheques. All fees are collected at the time of service.



All sessions include documentation time for maintaining case notes (approximately 10-15 minutes per session):​​


Individual Therapy Subsequent visits

$ 220/hour 

Couples' Therapy

$ 230/hour 

Email, letters or phone calls on behalf of the client

$ 55/15 minutes 

Assessments & Reports

$ 275/hour 

Expert Witness (half day minimum)

Please inquire

Expert Witness

Please inquire

Consultation Corporate (half day minimum)

$ 1200/half day

Consultation Corporate

$ 2400/half day

Fee Schedule

Fees for Missed Appointments or Insufficient Notice

I require 48 business-hour notice for any cancellations or changes to be made without charge (regardless of the reason, whether it be illness, emergency or inclement weather). Monday appointments must be cancelled by noon on Thursday. Fees for missed or late-cancelled appointments must be paid immediately in order to retain future, scheduled appointments. If the clinic has your credit card on file, the charge will be automatic, and appointments will remain in our schedule. If we do not, please call to pay so that your appointments are not cancelled.


Private Payers

Although many clients pay their own fees directly, there may be a number of options for funding and reimbursement available to people who need to see a psychologist.


Extended health plans

Many people who are employed have an Extended Health Care Plan through their employer. Many health care plans pay all or a portion of the costs of seeing a Registered Psychologist, up to a limited total each calendar year. Coverage generally ranges between $300-2000 per year. Check your benefits coverage or talk to your insurance company to find out about your options and requirements.


Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s)

Some employers have Employee Assistance Programs to help employees deal with mental health issues. You may be able to see a psychologist through your EAP. For more information please consult your benefits booklet or talk to your EAP coordinator.


Crime Victim Assistance Program

If you have a mental health concern as a result of having been the victim of a reported crime, you may qualify for coverage of psychological services. If the crime occurred in NS, you can contact the program toll-free at (902) 424-4030 for more information.


Interim Federal Health Program

Foreign nationals under refugee status can apply for coverage of psychology services under the Interim Federal Health Program. For more information and how to apply for coverage please follow this link.  


Doctors Nova Scotia Professional Support Program (PSP) 

Physicians and their family members can access free psychological therapy services through the Doctors Nova Scotia Professional Support Program (PSP). For more information and how to apply for coverage please follow this link.


Other agencies or programs that offer Psychological Services

Access to psychological services can also be obtained through WCB NSFirst Nations Health Services, Income Assistance, Family Services of Halifax, Addiction Services, Community Mental Health Services, or local hospitals.

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