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"A customer does not care how much you know until he knows how much you care."

Damon Richards


Psychological therapy is a scientifically recognized and effective tool that helps individuals overcome and better cope with challenges that include many areas such as depression/burn-out, anxiety/trauma (PTSD, OCD, Generalized Anxiety), grief/loss, occupational stress, anger, relationship conflicts, sleep problems, and underachieving/perfectionism. Such concerns can arise suddenly (like in the event of a trauma) or over time (like with many relationship conflicts) and may be influenced by family history, upbringing, traumatic experiences, accidents, unpredictable life events or life choices. 


I offer psychological therapy in various treatment formats to individual adults, families, children, and couples. The choice of treatment format is usually a transparent process that is done through a conversation between the therapist and the client and depends on the presenting issue as well as the outcome of previous treatment attempts. At all times, it is my goal to chose the most effective and research supported method for your specific concern. 


Some of the treatment methods I use are Coherence Therapy (CT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Prolonged-Exposure (PE), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Interpersonal Therapy. I treat children 11+ with their families, because any problem that arises affects every family member on some level and thus can only be solved as a team. Whether problems arise at home, in school or with friends, my goal is to function as an ally to the family by facilitating communication, bundling resources, and guiding parenting to fit the individual needs of the child.


To couples, I offer a safe environment to learn new ways of communicating, to develop mutual goals and dreams, to resolve conflicts with minimal harm to the relationship, and reawaken what once drew the partners to each other. At times, this process will involve learning more about how each partners' belief system has been formed by previous traumatic experiences and how symptoms can become attempts to employ learning from the past, whether still effective or not.


Please read more about the treatment approaches I use here.


In my practice, I offer two types of assessments: Independent Psychological Assessments and Career Assessments. Independent Psychological Assessments (IPE) help to guide insurance companies with claim decisions or law firms with establishing legal claims for their clients.


However, it is becoming more and more common also for private individuals or parents to seek Career Assessments that help guide their occupational choices and assist with reflecting their values. At present, I only offer assessment services for adults.


Through assessments,


(1) I can offer the referrer a clear diagnostic picture including a medically recognized DSM-V diagnosis that reflects the presence or absence of mental health difficulties.


(2) For particular presenting problems such as PTSD, chronic pain, mood concerns post injury, and long-term disability, I can assist with evaluating to what degree the current psychological treatment is effective and sufficient to increase function as well as recommend more suitable treatment options as needed. 


(3) I can review and evaluate psychological functioning at the workplace or in activities of daily living and can recommend suitable accommodations or help plan a Graduated Return to Work (GRTW) that promotes Return to Work and productivity, while considering the client's psychological well-being.  


I facilitate External Clinical Supervision to therapists in-training as well as clinical, managerial or administrative teams in health care settings such as hospitals, out-patient clinics, and rehabilitation facilities. In ECS an external Psychologist with expertise in group dynamics and motivation offering regular bi-weekly or monthly groups for clinical team. In the ECS groups, clinicians can express and process the challenges that arise when working with demanding clientele and in multidisciplinary teams. It can be used to shed light on clinical blind spots, diffuse internal team conflicts (e.g., over fair work distribution), facilitate communication between team members, and help to blend personalities into a healthy team culture. I find myself in the unique position of having both academic training through my doctoral program and personal experience having been a part of such groups while I was practicing in Europe. External supervision is widely used across Europe as a means to make teams more effective and retain talent in outpatient clinics and hospitals. For additional readings on ECS please refer to this article.


In my Online-Shop, you will find a series of relaxation training tracks for convenient download to your phone, MP3 player or computer.


My goal with those tracks is to teach individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and trauma effective skills to help them calm down and develop a sense of personal mastery over their mind and body. I am offering high-quality audio recordings of step-by-step stress management and relaxation instruction for adults as well as children.


New tracks will be added regularly. Subscribe to my newsletter and I will contact you when new tracks become available.

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